Too Late to Love — ISA & GARREN in a cross Atlantic collaboration

Since first meeting in 2013 Isa and Garren have been both friends and colleagues. During the years they’ve written and recorded several songs together, but never one like their latest release ”Too Late to Love’’. The cross atlantic produced love song is about not treasuring something enough until it’s gone for good.

The first time Isa and Garren met they were 14 and 18 years old. Now the years have passed, but their creative mutual understanding hasn’t changed. However, this is the first time they’ve made music together without meeting during the process. “Too late to love” was written by Garren in Los Angeles, and then produced and recorded by Isa and her brother Albin in Stockholm. But producing a song on two sides of the Atlantic hasn’t been an issue.

This process has been pretty easy and straightforward because me and Isa are really close and have a great relationship to be able to understand what’s needed. Years of building chemistry in music, Garren says.

Too late to love is the duo’s first collaboration since 2019 and they’re both excited to finally be working together again.

It’s an honor to create music with Garren. He’s one of the most talented and inspiring people I know, and he’s definitely a role model for me. And I really, really love the song, of course, Isa says.

Too late to love captures the universal feeling triggered by a break up, and the realization that you can’t go back in time to regain what you’ve lost. The song was written by Garren back in 2017, but he didn’t know exactly what he wanted out of the song. He reached out to Isa who, as Garren describes it himself, did her magic.

Garren is a 26 year old writer and producer born and raised in Compton, Los Angeles. During the years he’s established a solid career in the music industry, and is a two-time Grammy nominee and a multi platinum recording artist. He’s released music both as a solo artist as well as worked with big names, such as Nipsey Hussle and Kendrick Lamar. This year he’s aiming further and higher than ever before and has a bunch of releases and collaborations ahead of him.

The same goes to say for Isa, who’s music is taking a new turn this year. Starting out her career at only 16 years old she’s managed to gain a lot of experience and has really established her own confident and international sound — both as an artist, a writer and producer. 2021 will be an exciting year for Isa who’s also releasing a lot of new music. — I can’t wait to show people what’s coming in 2021! I’m releasing both features and solo projects, and I hope the music will feel unexpected, in a good way, Isa says.

And now the two artists are setting the tone for the bursting upcoming year with “Too late for love”, which will be released on all global streaming platforms February 26th.